About EyeMuse Books

EyeMuse Books is a publisher dedicated to high-quality, visually focused books. Since 2008, we've made it our business to document and share local traditions through regional books.

EyeMuse Books is the publisher of the Guides for the Eyes book series. Visually focused, packed with cultural insight, and sized for portability, Guides for the Eyes celebrate the local traditions and visual vernacular that surrounds us. Each edition in the series explores place through 100 of the most notable features of a region. Vivid photography and informative text provide insight into the significance of each topic, covering regional architecture, design, flora, fauna, food, crafts, folklore, landscape, and other facets of local identity and style. Ranging from the obvious to the obscure, these distinguishing elements define a locale as somewhere as opposed to anywhere.

The first book in the series explores the state of New Mexico through the likes of chile, adobe, blue doors and aliens. The second book investigates the many identities of Southern California through the region’s citrus groves, theme parks, palm trees, and freeways (as well as 96 other topics).